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I gave myself a Jenny Holzer tattoo
"It’s a story I’ll tell you one day when I’m drunk."Hud (Paul Newman), HUD (1963)
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My dad is literally the only person who will say this when I’m sick
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the most considerate anons i’ve ever received
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if you shame girls about their breast size i will push you into traffic

"Who’s flat now?"

whos flat now

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Life itself
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a restaurant in my hometown got a review that said the servers should “show some skin” so the owner added a potato skin special to the menu and all the proceeds from the special go to the west virginia foundation for rape information services (x)

That’s exactly the appropriate response.

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honestly saying “youre a twig lets get some meat on those bones” is just as offensive and embarrassing as “youre fat, watch what you eat”. may not seem like it but trust me

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